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 A team at your service.

Our team of professionals, equipped with proven tools, processes more than 7,000 claims files each year.

Our network agencies allow better communication and processing efficiency.

Always respecting the rules in force and with ethics.

 1 500 customers trust us.

We operate mainly in the Great South of France and Northern Spain. We are also competent on the national and European territory.

We intervene for all receivables whatever their size and their status, any type of arrears, any amounts.

We operate for multiple sectors of activity:

Building, Industry, Service, Financial and banking, Accounting, Medical services, Food, etc...

Our expertise in debt collection enables Cabinet PFister to engage with you ethically and responsibly.

 A network of skills.

Over 70% of files are resolved amicably thanks to an impeccable creation and follow-up chain.

Beyond amicable remedies, we have a network of lawyers and bailiffs throughout France, so as to allow all necessary actions for recovery.

We always favor amicable solutions by favoring human contact.

Always respecting the rules of the general data protection regulations (RGPD).

You are in good hands

Ultra simple, our online collection platform allows you to upload your documents and any useful information to your file, to confirm your information.

Follow the evolution of your file in real time thanks to your dedicated and secure Debtor area.

Contact us to find out how to access your file online.

A safe and practical personal space.

Connect to your dedicated Customer Area to obtain key figures, statistics and dashboards.

It is a secure personal space, accessible 24 hours a day. Among other things, it allows you to follow up your files in real time or to file documents and documents.

Consult us for the terms of subscription and access to the customer area.

Beyond amicable remedies.

Our accredited research agents carry out tailor-made field surveys and check the creditworthiness of your business partners to better manage your risks.

We have a network of lawyers and bailiffs throughout France, so as to allow all necessary actions for recovery.

Our clients are of all sizes, types and all economic sectors.

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Perpignan office:
68 Boulevard Félix Mercader, 66000 PERPIGNAN.
E-mail : contact@cabinet-pfister.fr
Montpellier office:
8 Rue des Blanquiers, 34000 MONTPELLIER.
E-mail : contact@cabinet-pfister.fr
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